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Happy Birthday Glampervan!

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Was it really a whole year ago since we helped lovely Katherine and Gloria with the launch of Glampervan? How time has flown!

Katherine herself is a creative genius and every inch of Gloria (her pretty pastel pink caravan) is styled to perfection so she had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to achieve on the night. We were given the brief to bring a 70's vibe to the party which complemented the ideas for styling that Katherine already had and also take some of the workload off her hands so she could get herself glammed up for her own party!

Glampervan launch party

Lewis Lewis provided 70's inspired cocktails for guests as they threw some shapes on the dancefloor to disco hits from Allan Vannin DJ and Katherine organised a whole table of retro sweets and snacks.

And our main task was the honour of dressing Gloria with a bright garland of balloons, tropical foliage and disco balls, creating the perfect 'Instagrammable' background for Katherine's guests. 

Glampervan launch party

In the last year we have treated ourselves many a time to a seat in Gloria and allowed our brows and faces (The Browcial - highly recommended!) to be pampered by Katherine as well as working with her on projects such as the Bohemian Autumn Photoshoot (see here, here, here, here AND here!) so we wish Glampervan & Gloria the happiest birthday and look forward to many more!

Katherine Glampervan

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Glampervan interior
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