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Emma's Wedding: The Tables

An enchanted tablescape.

You may be asking, what would that look like? Well, friends, let us explore!

Emma here! My wedding was both a dream and a little bit of a nightmare to design. As a designer, I have a million ideas constantly bouncing around in my head at any one time. When it came to the most beautiful day of my life so far, I was after perfection and anything short of this would simply not do.

Luxury table decor Isle of Man

Did I want colour? Or is subtlety key? I changed my mind so many times that I'm sure Heidi was smiling through the pain of my indecision! In conclusion, I came to accept that I would not have any one 'theme'. After all, who wants to be restricted when you can have it all?!

It was my *ahem, our* day and if the Bride wants Beauty and the Beast bell jars combined with modern animal favours and origami cranes, the Bride will have it!

Once I decided that I would choose the elements I wanted and then bring it all together with the floral wizard that is Heidi Baker, I was much happier and could start designing the tables. Navy and blush was the general colour scheme, with gold as the metallic and the odd pop of colour.

Let's start at the bottom. Underneath it all are lovely navy blue tablecloths. My biggest bug-bear is creased white tablecloths. So Heidi and I invested in a full set of these for my wedding initially and they are now included in the She Event Styling hire catalogue.

Following this each table had three main components. A pedestal brass vase, a bird cage and a bell jar. In the centre of these sat a dramatic candelabra. Around the main items we scattered brass vases and candlesticks which we'd scoured the whole of the Island and the UK for! Heidi then brought the tables to life with a selection of sand and white roses, peonies, wax flower, lisianthus, amaranthus and ivy.

Side note - how lucky were we that the red wine bottles matched the table so well!

As the Bride and Groom, Matt and I had extra special place names!

The gold charger plates were topped with navy handmade linen napkins, then folded in a way so the menus slotted neatly and stayed flat.

Stationery wise, as you may guess, my wedding was a paper bonanza! After much deliberation, Matt and I decided that the table names should be something close to our heart. There is nothing closer to our heart than a good meal! So it was that we carefully selected our favourite restaurants from the places that we've been around the world. The tables featured personalised menus for each guest with the restaurant logo on the front of the menu. Inside was a vellum insert with the person's meal choice and a calligraphy written name.

I'm happy to report that most guests took their menus home!

Table names were designed by hand, printed on light cotton, hemmed and attached to a decorative wooden dowl, which was then strung with navy silk ribbon and hung from the candelabras.

As the Bride and Groom, Matt and I had extra special place names! The photograph two above show Matt's mini Nero (our beloved dog!) and my turtle topped with a squirrel. What the Bride wants, eh?!

If I hadn't had my turtle/squirrel combination though, I would have gone for this flamingo. 'Cause I'm a sucker for a flamingo!

These favours were the epitome of a handmade labour of love. Firstly, I wrote the names in navy metallic ink. Secondly I invested in resin and silicone coaster moulds and after mixing the resin I stirred in gold leaf. Leaving them overnight to set, it was a lottery as to whether they met my high standards or if they went in the 'no' pile to be redone. I spray painted all my lovely Schleich animals and the whole thing came together!

luxury top table Isle of Man

When I dreamt up the idea I did think I was overdoing it. But, my motto was go big or go home when it came to the aesthetics of my wedding, so we went big! If you'd like to explore the invitation suite that accompanied my wedding, please click here.

The final touch was the elegant cross back chairs which we hired from Taylor Made Events.

Like what you see?

Get in touch with Emma and Heidi now to chat about how they can enchant your wedding tables.


Photography - Andy Gaines Photography

Styling & Stationery - Emma, She Event Styling & Oh My Pen & Press

Styling & Flowers - Heidi, She Event Styling & The Flower Studio

Venue - Villa Marina, Douglas, Isle of Man

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